Thursday, February 25, 2010


just another pretty face to hang my hopes on
one more empty promise to myself
you were cordial to all the guests
when i saw you i needed your eyes to meet mine
but they never did
not truly

you have the face
you have the skills
you have the social graces

god let you see me
before there is no more time
see my inspiration

i will get better for you
next time we meet i will be a Phoenix
rising from the ashes of our first encounter

you will see me

Thursday, February 18, 2010


have you ever masturbated to amazing memories
not sexual
just amazing

i have

i came with such intense pleasure thinking about a dance floor in Amsterdam
a flower garden in Paris
and the waves of my favorite beach in Ocean City

and when i did... i thought of creation
a higher power
something so beautiful
must be relived
re experienced
by touching
by sweating
im starting to believe my pussy is the gateway to god
my own gateway
that the touch of my own hand can bring me to places in time
only i could want

someone is over me
in my ear
guiding my hand
and telling me the pace
when its over
pure peace
no sound
white light
just peace

how wonderful