Saturday, May 28, 2011

its hard to remember now what things were even important enough to pick at
to push you away
so i didnt have to deal with the pain of being apart
because I couldnt possibly accept my own happiness
feel worthy, truly worthy of this love

someone told me once it takes time to adjust to anything
even love
even happiness

its hard to adjust when the person you want closest to you is ripped from your arms.
so far apart and making the distance farther
I created the fear and doubt
a blanket i know all to well
predict my own downfall
because sadness can never let you down

I want to accept our love
I want to invite happiness again
Come home to me

everyday is more unbearable
im longing from a distance

i can not mourn you again and again
when all i want is to celebrate

dont you see us
dont you see me

im still your girl

forgive me

let me in again

i promise ill behave