Tuesday, August 31, 2010


i crave the ground and the dirt
the matter beneath my feet
i want to bury myself deep below
below the layers that have been touched by this machine land
peel back the shell
crawl inside
and become reborn
her voice carries the pain Ive known
i want to leave it in the ground so deep

will that voice always be mine?
do tears always feel this good?
these tears are so heavy
the air doesn't move in this room

can i embrace my black heart a few more moments?
till i return it to the past
because i can not seem to see the big picture
its killing me to look through this keyhole
you never opened the door
i begged you
not to point me to your written word
give me clarity
her faith was not enough to save her from this wretched world
how could mine be?

i can only wish for the beauty to remain
its all around me
i feel it
i feel love
ill let it out wherever i can
pushing it out through my mouth
and i know if it's never returned
it is never lost
no one is coming to save us
we are not lost
just spinning
sometimes i gain the momentum to realize that I am standing perfectly still
and sometimes im so dizzy i cant see straight ahead of me
lets make this feel right
will you stand with me?
so perfectly fast
i want to feel the ground spin
shed the past
disobey gravity
and let this tear feel good
let it jump into the atmosphere
burst into rain
cleanse the ground beneath my feet
come full circle

become one once more
full of love

you make me feel

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

round we go

next wave, next dance, next page
faster comments, faster reactions, faster rage
live faster
move quicker
catch up
we are far ahead of you
alter your mental state to fit
our measure of success
we painted a picture for you
now act
this american dream fits you
its all for you
run in place and wait for your prize
its coming
its almost here
can you see it?
can you smell it?
all one could ever dream for
dream big
fall big
and we go around again

Sunday, August 22, 2010


im lost in this world waiting for life
im a planet in orbit spinning at the speed of light
you move in to my rotation as if simultaneously injecting
and i have no choice but to observe myself crash into your mass
into the beauty that you are
there might be no right timing
this may only be now
thank you for now
thank you for this feeling
tapping into a world that i forgot
humanity was meant for us
to form shapes
to fit each other
and you fit now
you are my energy
inside you lays a world
ive been waiting to explore
please grant me the patience to survive you
in our heads we are giants
we know the truth....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've got a red pair of high-heels on
Tumble me over, it doesn't take much
Tumble me over, tumble me, push
In my red high-heels I've no control
The rituals of repression are so old
You can do what you like, there'll be no reprisal
I'm yours, yes I'm yours, it's my means of survival

I've got 54321
Come on my love, I know you're strong
Push me hard, make me stagger
The pain in my back just doesn't matter
You force-hold me above the ground
I can't get away, my feet are bound
So I'm bound to say
That I'm bound to stay

Well today I look so good
Just like I know I should
My breasts to tempt inside my bra
My face is painted like a movie star
I've studied my flaws in your reflection
And put them to rights with savage correction
I've turned my statuesque perfection
And shone it over in your direction
So come on darling, make me yours
Trip me over, show me the floor
Tease me, tease me, make me stay
In my red high-heels I can't get away
I'm trussed and bound like an oven ready bird
But I bleed without dying and I won't say a word
Slice my flesh and I'll ride the scar
Put me into gear like your lady car
Drive me fast and crash me crazy
I'll rise from the wreckage as fresh as a daisy
These wounds leave furrows as they heal
I've travelled them, they're red and real
I know them well, they're part of me
My birth, my sex, my history
They grew with me, my closest friend
My pain's my own, my pain's my end
Clip my wings so you know where I am
I can't get lost while you're my man
Tame me so I know your call
I've stabbed my heels so I am tall
I've bound my twisted falling fall
Beautiful mute against the wall
Beautifully mutilated as I fall
Use me, don't lose me

I've got 54321
I've got a red pair of high-heels on
Strap my ankles, break my heels
Make me kneel, make me feel
Turn, turn, turn, like a clockwork doll
Put in your key and give me a whirl
Tease me, tease me, the reason to play
In my red high-heels I can't get away
I'll be your bonsai, your beautiful bonsai
Your black-eyed bonsai, erotically rotting
Will my tiny feet fit your desire?
Warped and tied I walk on fire
Burn me out, twist my wrists
I promise not to shout, beat me with your fists
Squeeze me, squeeze me, make me feel
In my red high-heels I'm an easy kill
Tease me, Tease me, make me see
You're the only one, I need to be me
Thankyou, will you take me?
Thankyou, will you make me?
Thankyou, will you break me?
Use me, don't lose me
Taste me, don't waste me
Use, lose, taste, waste

Monday, August 9, 2010


we built ourselves high on words
on a house of cards
never realizing how fragile we are
every action counts boy
and each day and each word we raise the stakes
taking it day by day
you are worth faith
you are worth the mental struggle
to believe