Tuesday, August 31, 2010


i crave the ground and the dirt
the matter beneath my feet
i want to bury myself deep below
below the layers that have been touched by this machine land
peel back the shell
crawl inside
and become reborn
her voice carries the pain Ive known
i want to leave it in the ground so deep

will that voice always be mine?
do tears always feel this good?
these tears are so heavy
the air doesn't move in this room

can i embrace my black heart a few more moments?
till i return it to the past
because i can not seem to see the big picture
its killing me to look through this keyhole
you never opened the door
i begged you
not to point me to your written word
give me clarity
her faith was not enough to save her from this wretched world
how could mine be?

i can only wish for the beauty to remain
its all around me
i feel it
i feel love
ill let it out wherever i can
pushing it out through my mouth
and i know if it's never returned
it is never lost
no one is coming to save us
we are not lost
just spinning
sometimes i gain the momentum to realize that I am standing perfectly still
and sometimes im so dizzy i cant see straight ahead of me
lets make this feel right
will you stand with me?
so perfectly fast
i want to feel the ground spin
shed the past
disobey gravity
and let this tear feel good
let it jump into the atmosphere
burst into rain
cleanse the ground beneath my feet
come full circle

become one once more
full of love

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