Monday, July 12, 2010

somethings bend time..i hear this and i am 17 again

tonight you stooped to my level
i am your mangy little whore
you are trying to find your underwear
and then your socks and then the door
and you're trying to find a reason
why you have to leave
i know it's 'cuz you think you're adam
and you think i'm eve

you rhapsodize about beauty
and my eyes glaze
everything that i love is ugly
i mean really, you would be amazed
just do me a favor
it's the least that you can do
just don't treat me like i am
something that happened to you

i am truly sorry about all this

you put a tiny pinprick
in my big red balloon
and as i slowly start to exhale
that's when you leave the room
i did not design this game
i did not name the stakes
i just happen to like apples
and i am not afraid of snakes

i am truly sorry about all this
i envy your ignorance
i hear that it's bliss

so i let go of the ratio
of things said to things heard
and i leave you to your garden
and the beauty you preferred
and i wonder what of this
will have meaning for you
when you've left it all behind
i guess i'll even wonder
if you meant it
at the time

Sunday, July 11, 2010

if being alone is a curse
then what is this
i only wish to be cursed
my skin crawls with not enough space from fingers
from touchig
from embraces

when all im am wishing for is you to understand
i need space
between times
to get the look off your face
the look i can not return
its my weakness
i need more time
who ever didnt
who ever wouldnt

and i would never allow myself this luxury
to live without my own self destruction
what life would that be

demons inside my mind pull me away from the wanting arms
the loving arms
if they are yours today
they will be his tomorrow
and so on

run into the fire
i will dance into these flames
and ashes to ashes
we all fall down


So this is why they make so many apocalyptic movies
they foresee a better death then this
how i wish the earth would open up and swallow
then to to remain lying here dying from your kiss

if im wiser with age then i must be pretty young
the more i know less i have to hold on to
every theory has been shot to shit
to love and lose is there any other way