Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our hearts align

Some of us find fame
Some of us find god
We find what we have in this world that makes us rich
but then I found you
and none of that mattered
because I had YOU
and you are the planet
and I am your moon

There was never a need to tell you
why we co-exist
why we pull to each other the way we do

You opened a floodgate in me
and I am bursting at my seems
to give you everything
to stare in your eyes and let my journey come to a climax

The beauty in this world is all inside of us
we are gods my love
45 days to live
45 days to countdown
45 days to see my forever

Our hearts are big and red
Our hearts aligned to see the future

We have discovered each other
Like Christopher to America
we will write songs
we will co create
i will never run out
because you make me alive

Our story has just begun
turn the page

Friday, February 18, 2011


this is real
cant believe it
i feel like im spinning
cant stop
dont want to
how do you know just how to make me feel the way you do
cause my mind is pacing
and my hearts on fire
you make my gray days bright

waiting is so hard
but ive never been so pleased to wait
ill stay here
ill set a fire through the wires
they will reach you
because my world is not upside down
you have found me
i am right side up
and has no one ever seen you
you are a diamond
you are a map
i cant wait to unfold you
discover you


i am looking through the hourglass
as the sands fall
im counting the moments
each one better then the next
thank you

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011


inside im am bubbling
when you are near
the sound of your voice is music
it is softly waking me up
and i see colors differently now
what a wonderful surprise
to know you are out there in the world
you are a gift
and each day i find out more
i want more
for you ive taken down my defenses
for you ill be free of fear
you make me feel safe
it is so beautiful
when you smile my heart lights up with joy
whatever happens now we create
its so clean and fresh
so new and bright
i cant wait to know more of you
this is only the beginning