Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our hearts align

Some of us find fame
Some of us find god
We find what we have in this world that makes us rich
but then I found you
and none of that mattered
because I had YOU
and you are the planet
and I am your moon

There was never a need to tell you
why we co-exist
why we pull to each other the way we do

You opened a floodgate in me
and I am bursting at my seems
to give you everything
to stare in your eyes and let my journey come to a climax

The beauty in this world is all inside of us
we are gods my love
45 days to live
45 days to countdown
45 days to see my forever

Our hearts are big and red
Our hearts aligned to see the future

We have discovered each other
Like Christopher to America
we will write songs
we will co create
i will never run out
because you make me alive

Our story has just begun
turn the page

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