Tuesday, March 29, 2011


(Now I'll tell you openly
you have my heart
so dont hurt me)

Ive never been one to be caught speechless
you've done it to me
im beneath waves
slowly pulling me under
ive never been so happy to drown

this is for you
I AM for you
how could I not be?

my dreams have become a side game to my reality
a back seat
a pale comparison

i will wait forever

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


ive never had a loss of words
but somehow i am
i am completely naked
slowly becoming a prisoner to these feelings
you are the only one
i will protect you
can you make me feel this way forever?
keep me a prisoner
i will fight to excite you
can hold me down when I resist you?
when morning arrives we will see the same sun
do you sometimes wonder if I want to escape you?
the night does not resist the day
i wont let anything come between us
you are my captor
i will not escape you

in this cell ive seen into paradise
take me there
im yours