Saturday, June 12, 2010


when the sun goes down and there is nothing left but this soft digital glow
and the bible on my bedside table hides its pages
the time has come for all evil thoughts to peak over
my minds eye takes over

visions of chains wrapped around flesh
there is no resurrection for sins like these

how will i ever know when im alive
if i can not kill you a little
soft glow contain me
soft glow keep me human
soft glow please release me
soft glow make me understand

the violence under my skin is becoming harder to control
im bursting at the seems to disagree with you
i can no longer tolerate what small talk drops from your lips
so take me back to my soft glow

soft glow will you hear me
soft glow will you accept me
soft glow love the hole inside my heart
soft glow we are one.we will neer be apart

so TAKE ME to this new reality


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