Monday, October 4, 2010


i slipped on my own two feet
running too fast into you
and the ground knocked the wind out of me
i was so high up
so i lay here on the ground
you by my side barely able to move
we make eye contact that says "why"
and was i only aloud this one mistake this time
i scream to be heard
when all i needed was a whisper
and now i cant remember you
remember what made me beam
i want to go back to the beginning
start again
take back all the things i couldnt understand
what made me run so fast and fall so hard
and know what i know now
that you are someone worth waiting for
worth my patience
worth my letting go
ill wait this time to lay the groundwork
i will help you up and set you free
to come back one day stronger
and if you never come here again
i will still love you
because its truly all i can do
the future is unsure
and the present is a mess
i see you
i saw you
and you are beautiul

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