Saturday, November 13, 2010

Opium Winter

I feel the dark embrace of past desires all around me
you feel the sun beat down your door
dont answer
besides it will only fall beneath the horizon
lay down near me
touch the space between us till it sends shivers down your spine
look into me
get lost
the energy inside me will become your opium
outside is winter
frozen with never ending stress
ill stay still
warm you
make time behave
we dont have to laugh
we dont have to be entertained
we can let truth sweep on top of us
and just be
i dont need the answers
to co exist
just want to feel peace
i feel my organs
keeping me alive
never complaining
and i finally appreciate them
remarkable oxygen
keeping you from falling away
suddenly this globe makes sense
if only for a moment
if it were all this simple
i just want to feel home
where is my home
no more questions
not now
let me have this
my opium winter

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