Wednesday, October 28, 2009

behind the gate

the grass outside the house has blades made of razors
cutting my toes at the edge of the lawn
and there is a gate that looms over me as tall as a skyscraper
everyday i bounce my ball close to the edge
curious to see if my ball bursts

my curiosity grows inside me like a weed
killing all my flowers
one by one
till it stranglers the last of my common sense

how can i get over?
something so beautiful has to be on the other side...why else would it be so well guarded?

morning comes and i play on the edge of the bloodstained lawn
this morning im bursting with fearless energy
i need to know what is behind the gate
its calling me

with one large gasp of breath i start a fast tip toe across the blades
that sudden pain rushing through me with each step i feel it increase
by the time i reach the patch of pavement beneath the door
im standing in a pool of blood
i realize that the gate guards something so beautiful
it cant be seen
it cant be held
it fills my heart

my knees give out
i fall to the ground like a leaf through the air
my hands slam into the pool of blood that now surrounds me
as the gate glides open the light streams over my body
all i feel is warmth
i finally feel home

behind the gate
i feel whole
behind the gate
i am at peace

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