Tuesday, January 26, 2010

orange dress

you were right
i dont believe ill find another man like you
thank you
and even though i wouldnt change a thing
im so happy the universe has only one of you
one beautiful evil you
the one that seeps into my fantasies
gave me true inspiration
dashed my hopes
brought me lower then dirt
there is only you
you invited deep pain
you told great lies
however awful you were
i think i could have stayed in that pain forever
because after all is said and done
you have no desire to be saved either
the passing moments of peace and kindness make the world feel unbearable
what would the world be if you couldn't have the girls on strings
and what would my world be with out the hope of taming a wild beast
even as a girl the church knew the way to my heart
to pet a lion without fear
to love something you know could rip you open any moment
and to have faith that they wont
but you did
didnt you
so no i dont regret a thing
i had faith in you
and i know you think of me
however little time you give me
im there
and you are here with me
and we have those moments between us
i still own that dress
and i will never wear it again

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