Sunday, January 24, 2010

please stop

stop choking on your tears girl
what is it about you that makes me turn into this
im strong
you have to see it

the only thing that scares me
is that look in your eye
the one that tells me you are toying

you hold my hand and my heart slides right into your grasp
so stop

i want to connect your dots
no urge to solve your problems
just kiss me one more time
tell me sweet lies with those pink lips

stop talking to me
stop looking at me from across the room
stop making me feel 17

i cant pretend not to feel
i cant want less from you

so ill choke on these tears
they well up in my throat
its just frustration
because even if i lean in closer
and touch your face gently
you wont see me

you dont see me

if you ever stopped to look
you would see that my eyes are telling you the truth
how could they lie to you

i want to see you clear
you are something to be seen

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