Monday, April 19, 2010

i hope i die tonight..from fright from everything that is happening in my head...from everything unsaid...from all the words i never really wanted to have said...from every half breath...from every undead movement...from all the false statements uttered from our lips...and this is not a breakup poem..this is a life poem...we swallow this reality like it is all we are capable of.

if that's true then we are smaller then i had dreams are drug induced fantasies..and i dont want to wake up...infact...make me sleep harded...not higher...harded...down deeper..into dirt.. into my grave, bury me with my idols.. oh wait i dont have IDOLS... thou shall not love false idols... so bury me with god...

God, I believed you. I wanted you
i thought you wanted me to
why dont you
every step i take makes me one less step away from
why humans?
for sport?

the top of the food chain is the bottom of the ladder
the first step
when everyone is pushing on your head to get above you
no one really looks at the ground beneath them right?
so why should we?
you gave us a soul....
or did i invent that
a soul
i have nothing...i have no choices...i decided to surrender

take me

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