Monday, April 19, 2010


shocking how a few notes can transcend you back in time just long enough to loosen the wrinkles on your face
long enough to remind you
your battles have not been lost
the have been leading you
showing you who you are
because in this momentary time travel you will see yourself
how far you have come and how true you always were
the map is on your hands
in the palm that carries your new journey
so dont forget to obey gravity

this melody reminds me of the love i almost never had
someone who traveled through time beside me
i lost you in the life before this one
and now im lost without you
i keep it in my palm
the knowledge of how deep a love can be
all else pales
and i am left glossy black

the moments are catching up and the wrinkles start to reappear
just like that you are mortal once again
and my palms become fists again
trying to find honesty

melody remind me once more

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