Sunday, May 2, 2010

have faith

here comes this pressure...this everlasting depth
and you cant swallow
you wont breath
i have so much to much to throw on you
your hands fill with my black
with my red
with my everlasting liquids....
i spill on to you
and i wait for the one strong enough to hold them
hold me down
when i try to fly...when i try to leave you
and when you see the fear in my eyes...when you know that i want to fall
you hold me
because you know i have so much to give
and you know there is nothing in this world left to live for but me
i know the same...i cant escape you
just like i cant escape oxygen
why would i want to??
i pretend that sex fill me
but you knew better
filling me with hope
filling me with kindness
building my heart from a coal mine to a warm place
of shelter
of rescue

and i will hold you
i will lift you up
i will be everything thing you have ever needed
the one pushing you towards greatness
you are my diamond
i wield you to the ever growing light you are
please trust my love
trust my compassion

if you have nothing left
have trust
have faith
in me
and i will return it to you
ten fold

you will see the immaculate being you are
when i return to the light inside of you

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