Tuesday, May 11, 2010

technicolor advances

i want the colours to flow like technicolor vision through my skin
i am a horse of another color
around each bend
new understanding
fuscia brings wide eyes and sticky fingers
and in the morning
indigo brings melancholy backlashes
turns my brain to tangerine
when the green knight arrives again
im ready for departure
with wings painted amber
touch the bright neon lights once again
my feet barely touching the ground beneath me
i ran alongside my golden horse
to the ivory castle in my dreams
the sands of time fall faster
and gray sets the path ahead
running faster away from the sunlight
but the beams hit the street and slide into my bedroom
leaving my violet lids raw and defenseless
i surrend
turning ruby
ruby heart
ruby rage
find me faster
i dropped my amber wings at your doorstep
and daylight will lead you back
goodnight green knight

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