Sunday, May 2, 2010

everyone is so busy creating art...what happening to the basics
the simple
what happened to pleasure
if anyone wanted to live they would let go
let go of what was cool
what was art
art holds us back
art keeps us restrained
anyone who says they want this life is lying
lying to themselves and to god
to god to make him happy
to save there lives
the lives that mean nothing
the lives they dont want
you keep you demeanor for fear of consequence
but what if there was none
just beauty
just love
everything was white
and i was your girl
we flew through these fields...and we lived in bed
when does this reality begin
i think it does when we make it!
lets live
lets live!!
please live with me
and i will set you free
i will give you pure
i will give you honest
just come with me

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