Tuesday, December 14, 2010

bad timing

I looked in your eyes tonight and I felt it
something in my body got weak. i melted
however ive seen this road
and ive taken this leap of faith before
i flashed forward to my needing
flash of longing, even deeper cuts then this
how is it possible that i feel pushed to you like a magnet
but fate has us slip by each other again
you are just out of my reach
but i see you
i know you are there
so how could i ignore that
can you?
well lets see.
can you see me and leave me?
do we intervene?
let fate take it's course
every instinct i have tells me to try
tells me to not let the past steer my future
i want to be child like
without fear, without pain
but sometimes pain teaches us
what to avoid
what traps are set before us
you are tempting
and i may never be certain if you worth the tears and hard work
i guess i will leave it in your hand
let someone fight for me this time around.
that's how it must be
and i hope you show up
timing was never our strong suit
but we wear it well

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