Friday, December 24, 2010

Teenage Sex

I remember this song
the summer i took acid
we drove to Ocean City in my first car and the headlights broke
I stole a coffee mug with my boyfriend's name on it and spent the night in jail
and when I left the jail at dawn you put shrooms in my mouth
we listened to this song and floated
i just turned 18
life had no rules
life was life
no 9-5
no shocking realities
just kissing by the ocean
and touching felt so amazing
summer love ends
but is never forgotten
i want to hold all my moments like this and tie them together
put them on the chair in my room
no flat screen TV
no designer clothes
no fancy car

I want these memories
proof that i lived
i am alive

even though there is no one swimming in my sea
or making waves
i look at my chair in my room

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