Friday, December 4, 2009


the world is my ocean
and i its island
surrounded by nothing just water
blue and shallow
crystal clear and stretched as far as my eyes can see
ive lost my love
my vision
i know exactly when but how do i get back
back to earth
guilty of living for lust
lust was not cheap
the dark electronic noises fill my brain
they excite me
lift my heavy head
heavy with nostalgia
the noises make me beat my fist gently on my thigh..
on the sand
on the branches
my beaches vibrate
sending waves through my world
they call your name
these vibrations reach you
the noises build in your head
you hear your name
you feel my waves
i invited you back
play in the water
crawl into my beach
these noises drown out reason
come back to lust
come back to the island
we create life here
we belong here
the music we've made can only be heard here
by us
only us
you make every inch of me tremble
and your touch is like magic
i want to die here
i no longer want a life away from our island
the sun fades
the moon brings enough light across your body
across my sunkissed shoulders
your stare is evil
it penetrates me
so complete
your voice is in my ear
then your teeth on my neck
you always knew
how raw i wanted it
the fire is blazing inside me
it makes me skin hot to the touch
and we lay like that long enough
till tears of longing stream down my face
and yours
we know this was the moment meant for us
you've never looked more pure
every line on your face dissappeared
we are immortal for this night
im only breathing to inhale your breathe
i want nothing that does not extend from your body
need you
you belong to this island

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