Thursday, December 24, 2009

life's rejection

these moments of false hope
and the inner ward slide of rejection
they build in me
i feel a scream echo from the walls of my heart
what a perfect place for acoustics
the sounds travel around the pink flesh
it bounces and loses momentum
the scream fails to reach the outside
it becomes a sigh
and a small salty tear
and the lids shut
and the dreams begin
the show starts again at 9
so the lids open
to take the sidewalk

do we ever really admit what happens behind the closed door
the messy alone time
time spent in between public viewings
when the shoulders fall
and spirits crash

id like to see your messy alone time
im completely saturated with public viewing
and no one knows me
is being understood over rated?

this messy alone time is drowning my dreams
it has seeped into my public viewings
the curtains to my room are barely held shut
and each day is becoming a struggle to keep up the facade
of happy pink shades
glossy finish
dirty martinis

give me real
no more false hope

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