Sunday, December 20, 2009

next in line

you can become the new reflection of my hearts desires
will you carry it well?
is anyone truly up to that challenge
my body is a vehicle that has seen many lands
and this journey seems to be in auto pilot
can you be the one to make me lose control?
take my hands to the wheel and make me pay attention
the world is shadows and i only see fragments
can you put the focus back on?
i want to see you

in my bedroom
i want to feel something
want the blood to stream through me like it once did
blue and violent
the passion that could flow through me
could light up this city
burn up the in me and vibrate your entire building

my cunning words and harsh disguise melts away
all that i have left is my body
my vehicle
put miles on me
take me to the depths
till my wheels fall off

up against the wall
up against the lights
up against the road

and in between
make me beg for it

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