Tuesday, December 8, 2009

satan and eve

im still a slave to your heat
the danger we share
the past we cant escape
what drove us to the horrible present
the present that lets neither of us bend
the past that makes us reach for kindness in a stranger
only for short moments and
that waits for the other shoe to fall
happiness is brief
and of this we are both certain
happiness is uncomfortable
so we bath in heat
in small fires
in harsh endings
we control those endings
you control my pain
and I control my anger inside of me
you and i both crave the stability more then the heat
but neither of us has quite been able to figure out that part
so we continue down the fiery path
of hot sweaty instant happy
pure and vacant
the moments where no words are needed
control is given
and taken
you left me more lost then you found me
one giant push back into my shell
another man that hurt me
another reason to keep control
silly me i thought i was enlightened
silly you
foolish desires that led me back there
hateful brain for allowing me to remember
swollen throat, choking on the last words
and aching body beat up with regret
because i knew from the very first moment
you were no good for me
i saw the apple on the tree
and you were shiny and full of bitter sweet juices
it tasted so good
the poison i swallowed
you were going to make me wise
make me wiser then god
give me the knowledge of good and evil
until i noticed my naked body and realized where i was
and that i was naked
slither back to the garden
you made your point
and you are done with me now
Adam will never satisfy me and you know it
how dare you
give me your heat
and take it away
sneak into eden
one more time
god dares you
the past that haunts us
wont let you forget me
wont let me forget you
not that easy
i still taste your juices
dont you still want to give me
your knowledge

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