Friday, June 1, 2012


The detox is going well! (other then a few headaches)
My synchronicity with each small step and change is speeding up
listening to my heart and intuition is also increasingly easier
especially without my constant litering my body with toxic substance, food, humans
instead of my belief that a detox must be ALL or NOTHING
i have slowly retrained myself to remove one bad habit at a time
one false belief at a time
as i do my emotions and vibrations have lighten up
which helps me to continue by seeing a better version of myself everyday

Im going to track my progress and also share what I have been doing so that maybe this can help others. I do realize I have had the amazing opportunity of free time of the past few months, so this has allowed me to expand at my own rate. Also I must remind you it took me some months of partying and escaping to come to this state. My mind was not at ease with it's natural state. I have been in work field for over a decade sometimes working up to 80 hours a week! So my guilt was so strong when I did take this time off that i felt the need to escape my guilt with substance, outside love and acceptance. That was never the way! Only a way to cover up or mask. The truth is as soon as you understand you have NO NEED to escape and that all you need is inside love and acceptance, you will be free.

My first suggestion is self education!!

We live in an era where access to knowledge is the most accessible it has ever been in human history. If you are anything like me you have used this technological super era in way to benefit your short term needs for socializing, entertainment, or sexual release. Instead use this tool as a window to a new collective consciousness. I started with physics and metaphysics. As I studied I started to view my mind, heart, and soul in a completely different light.

I will link some websites and books that have helped me dramatically.

Second is realizing your true power as a consumer!!

I have always had this in me yet somewhere along the way I was either too lazy or lost allignment with my values. I am speaking of a few things. Personal consumption of food, drink, retail, entertainment...ect. For instance I have NEVER been a fan of horror films! I do not agree with the idea of glorifying gratuitous violence. Yet somewhere along the line having a best friend who makes horror films and having an ex husband who loved horror films I allowed myself to watch some films that did NOT allign with my values. This is just an example but think of how quickly this can be changed. I simply no longer watch what I do not want to see. Same goes for food and clothing. I am slowly coming back to my core values. No longer supporting companies who have no social responsibilities. Choosing to walk to my farmers market instead of a near by supermarket. Choosing to create my own clothing or buy from a local vendor. Supporting causes that allign with my values gives me happiness! We have been tricked along the years by marketing ploys that big labels, money, shiny things will give us joy. The truth is that is the grand illusion. Keeping the masses slaves to corporations. If you choose to unplug from the tv and mass appeal you will soon see it for what it truly is I promise.

Third is get into nature!

Something I have been craving for so long but never seemed to actually get around to doing. This week I have reconnected by hiking, sleeping outside, getting away from crowded areas, bars, ect. Without the pollution of outside sources it is so much easier to hear your true inner voice! What YOU really want and who YOU really are! Nature gives off such inspiration and beauty. Meditation in a silent place that is outside has done magic for me.

I hope this helps. I will update my progress and soon put up new websites including the collective I am part of.


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