Monday, June 4, 2012

You said you weren't looking

rattin,rye rye,sams,star wars, blow out fights,buddha mug jizz,wacko,dancing in the alley,shrooms,cops,car problems,burbank,wetface,margaritas,burbank,batting cage,lancers,pregnancy,birth control,nature trips,las vegas, mattress in the highway,stars in the sky, 90 mile an hour blowies,photo booths, dressing rooms,my bed,your bed,hard rock beds,hotel bathtubs,running from strip clubs, fights, make ups, make outs, ups, downs, sword fights, yogurtland, laughing, crying, falling for you,pissed at you, missing you, thinking about you, hard to let go,not getting what I want, too young, too far, excuses, no sex, more success, lying to ourselves to pass the time, heart hurts, such a waste, pretending to understand the reasons why it shouldn't work, every amazing thing worth having or happening has a million reasons why it shouldn't work why it should be impossible, I don't give a shit, life is too short for us to not have fun, play with me again! If we are all just characters in your world then I'm the lead role! The story line gets pretty dull without me, I wasn't done knowing you, I'm not sure I ever did. If I think too long I don't like the image so I'll end it here for now.

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