Thursday, June 7, 2012

self love just got even more fun

I wrote about this years ago and not until just now am I actually accepting this as my practice!

Why I can have multiple orgasms to just thoughts of nature, or spend literally hours sometimes days to this!!

This has been something i have been doing since the age of 9. Now i understand my sexual energy is just where my body feels most in touch with self or higher self. I think clearly during and after as well as feeling a deep connection to the earth. Also why sex can be a somewhat religious experience and can give my relationships too much power (that other person) I find it healing. On a much deeper level then I ever could grasp before. Im only sharing these graphic details so if others female/male alike experience this they wont feel alone or shame like I did.

Its your body. Do not let others shame you for what you decide to do what it.
Meditation during masturbation can be a deeply moving experience and give you internal insight, relieve stress, get rid of headaches, and in my case acts like a workout/sauna.
No chance of pregnancy, STDS, or misguided relationships.
You connect to yourself, you learn what you enjoy and you work through whatever bizarre thoughts may pop into your mind. If you can accept your deep inner thoughts you can begin to work though them and sort out which ones serve you and which ones may be toxic and bring negativity into your life.

I suggest trying to remove all porn or typically used thoughts for arousal just use deep breathing and see where your mind leads you.

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