Sunday, April 8, 2012


you make it so hard to fall
how can i
give you me
i am a prism
so perfectly shattered

so how can i hurt you
when you have held me at arms length
you send beams of light through me
then dark. so dark

you have already taken so much of my pride
although I must thank you for that
turns out my pride was like money
mo pride mo problems

i want to stay on this ride
feel you shift inside
my mind is so turned on
my heart is rejecting this game
my body is wet and ready

so lets ride

maybe it is my turn to pump the heat
maybe I should make you ride
twist your mind into knots
create doubt

we are creators after all
you are my co writer
we are passengers of the emotions we send through each other
and im becoming addicted
if i fall in now
you might be my downfall

have I made you feel too safe?
how silly of me
i will correct that
never mistake my eternal kindness
for weakness
however addicting you may be
i am stronger then any drug. any emotion.

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