Saturday, April 14, 2012

unorganized thoughts

the letter came today
it told me that ive started a new chapter
i dont have to live this way anymore

something bigger is waiting
i had stopped dreaming about me
no more no not no more

looking at me through your tinted glass
i dont want to see your tainted vision
its not real
like nothing and everything always is

i choose my tainted vision
the colors that paint me important
the vision that knows my worth

so stop looking at me
i know you are trying
because its easier for you

you wish you could stop looking
so nothing had to change
so you could forget how happy you are
just laying next to me

if you want to i can be the strong one

i dont need to see you
we dont need to ever find out what could of been

all of it shrinks into nothing
now you got what you always wanted
you have pushed me far away

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