Monday, April 2, 2012


its hard to care about the body that makes you weak
the vessel that makes you mortal
when this life has left you weathered
and you have given you you can give

the truth comes to the surface.
we never sleep
we close our eyes
we pretend that we are dead
but we haunt ourselves

one thing i know and i know it good
i know it well
the knife of this world will cut you
you wont know when or why
or even where you are bleeding out

but you know you are.
life is the heaviest in the smallest places
i am not big enough yet to celebrate your death
making myself ill so i dont have to face your child
the face of you
i mourn you

we cant ever take it back... not even this
you were an angel afather figure, an older brother
always stronger for us.
i failed you
i would give anything to take away the pain you felt on that fateful day
to let you see one day pass
so you knew how much we needed you
mistakes wash away
life is the ultimate redemption

you said no regrets
but you never had a chance to regret this
i regret it

you could never burn the bridge to my heart
i love you beyond worldy knowings

feel my love please now

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