Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rubix Cube

i remember what stayed on my mind finally at the bar that night in my hyperactive haze i asked if anyone still believes in love really you said you had it and you looked away, a dark gaze that sting of failure you shook it off and took a shot but it stayed with me you felt comfortable in your own skin even with your blatant insecurities you were secure in them i must say it was intoxicating i had your attention even if it was just the corner of your eye careful not to give me too much or be too curious never knew beneath the surface was a man because the pheromones were all man the look was all boy it keeps getting better you are my cocktail choose my own adventure my page turner my rubix cube all i want to say is FUCK YESSSSSS no one rides like you you got the keys to the ferrari tell you the rest later

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