Monday, April 2, 2012

green tequila

the beauty between us is simple
you shut down everything i have ever known to be right

because when you are near i can not give license to any of my words,
gravity seems to release me just enough to give you control
when i open up you pour into my mouth
and i am bound by my senses

love is not at risk
no there is much more then that
pride and ego
is what we put on the table,the bed

i want you to win
even if it means that i lose

ive given you every advantage
every doorway out
but you will only leave me on your terms
i see that now
only when i am weak
when i fall asleep in your arms is when im in the most danger

i would love to dive into you just once
to calm the storms inside you
those storms that show in your gray blue eyes
the battles you have pushed away

you are a lion
but you hide in the bush
fear is not in your roar
not in your bite
they fear the power you will never show
remember you hold it

you make my heart pump like music
my pulse skips and trembles
i charge from you

curse the day that i give you away

when i met you i felt rich
not lottery rich

scary investment rich...
i want to show off but i cant
i feel like im on the edge of being let down every second
you are only for me right now

i dont want to spend you

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