Monday, May 28, 2012


a few months back something inside me said music is our universal language
it has always been paramount in how i have choosen friends, boyfriends ect.
even though this seems so simple
it gives way to my primal needs and that i am more in tune than most
im in process of changing my sound waves

there is no physical reality
only energy
mine is more powerful then most
which is hard for me to control around others
in the world i am now
most human energy is not in tune with my own

i have chose most my life to try to lower my waves
or drown them down with some drug form
in order to have love or comfort from others in my physical realm

because of upbringing and outside influences i have formed a belief structure which up until now i never understood why i constantly rebeled against
now i see that i was only rebeling against false information my soul was keeping me safe from
not my mother or father
not my family or friends
or even God

i was simply breaking free from the masses
trapped in this low frequency reality
my internal journey the past few months has changed my entire outlook

i was blessed with a powerful mind
an IQ of 158
a beautiful outer being

my soul has been longing for a twin flame
however i realize now this realm may not have that to offer me

there is something still blocking me from true vision
however with each person i encounter
every situation i get into
im slowly removing my own blocks
and now that i am sure time is only a fiction of the mind
i am no longer in the rat race for success
no longer subject to outside perception

there is something higher
i feel this in every cell of my body
yet i have no grasp on how to look up
how to see

so i will enjoy the fundamental joys we are given in this physical world
the ability to love
the ability to eat
the ability to feel
the ability to create
i will dance everyday, i will smile every morning, i will laugh as much as possible, i will have as much sex as i can, i will cook delicious food, i will meditate, i will be at peace, i will make amazing music, and i will give my amazing energy where it is given back in return. all while being a bad ass, goth, wild child.

i love being me

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