Monday, May 21, 2012

thank you greg.. i love these!

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  1. i feel so in tune with these videos. its been a long struggle to drop the belief structure that was installed in me for 16 years. break patterns and learn to follow my (for lack of a better word) heart.

    i have allowed so many people to drain me also of my natural "good vibes" my positive energy
    now im am finally realizing i can not be drained. i am the source. when i am giving is when i best feel my own happiness.

    patience is key and has been my lesson these past few months. it has been wonderful and challenging to just let my life take course and evolve into my dreams. i have faith that i have set my mind on track to evolve exactly the right way.

    with each bad decision i see a even faster consequence, with my love life, my finances, my family and my friendships. and my instant karma feels like even more proof that my overall life is progressing in a way that i have only positive all along my horizons.

    i can say now that i truly love myself and am so excited for my future :) these videos have only been icing on a cake that has been baking in my mind/soul oven for quite sometime