Tuesday, May 22, 2012

hearts filthy lesson

you broke me.
you know who you are.
ive spent the last year piecing myself into the person i was before you

my trust was childlike
my heart was open

and now i cant remember your face
or who you are
all i remember is the pain
and the pain that haunts me
that steers my new relationships

because you weren't man enough to be honest to me
and i see you check up on me
i hear about you checking up on me
that i haunt you too

she wasnt me
but she did live down the street
she did live in the same country

our fate would have always been this fate
but why did you have to take my ability to trust

now i cant spot the good guys
because if you werent the best man i had ever known
then what do i know

it pains me now to give to the one i want to
will i regret it again
i question my judgement

i finally gave away the last piece of you today

and it felt like poetic justice
"never have to be alone"
i gave it knowing that I MEANT IT

i wish i could say i miss you
but i wouldnt even know what i was missing
you fooled me so good

maybe i miss who i thought you were
but what do i know
never knew you
i miss me

me before you

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