Monday, May 28, 2012

the door is open

i must have lied to myself a million times
that i wasnt selling out
at least i have the power to correct that

no one of us is any better then the next
ive given to you purely
as flawed as i may be
i let you see me

i saw you once a long time ago
you came to my house
the lines in your forehead were gone
you looked at me with trust and love
and somehow i broke it

but i am only human
and you let me have that trust far too soon
i went against my better judgement
i listened to my heart
and i dont regret anything
because you taught me so much

even if my lesson is still patience
i have never had so much with one man
you taught me that im capible of that

however i guess there is no accounting for the hearts wants
my heart gives big
and wants big in return

if patience is my lesson
then i am truly going to try to pay attention

you are free.
as free as you were when you met me
and as free as you were the entire time

i love myself enough to know that i can not allow you to treat me the way you have been
and i love you enough to know that you are in over your head

i hope you start your mornings better baby
and i hope we meet in our dreams
in our true forms
without anger, resentment, jealousy or hurtful words

if you could only see you through my eyes
i think you would understand how deeply i care for you

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