Thursday, May 24, 2012

time is fiction

joke is on me it seems
you said to watch your actions
and not listen to your words
well seems like the actions have finally made an impression

you do what you want
i could never stop you anyway
but funny thing is i know somehow you are saving me
from you

i am not mad
i am not sad

i am at peace with your actions

i am at peace with mine

i never compromised myself

now i know that my giving has a limit
and im so happy i found it

i can still be me
i found my boundaries
they may be different then most
at least now they exist

ive come to the fence of my life to yours
and i extended my hand over
however you reject my hand
i stay in tack
and without loss of my moral compass

i will live to give again
and moving on seems so much easier now

friendship can with stand the test of time

time is just of fiction of my mind

i will survive
and so will you

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