Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i take every last bullet
absorb and transform
this is my skill
and i take and shift
melting to liquid and gaining momentum
building speed and strength
i am one solid beat
you fade into the sound of distant traffic in my mind
like bullets buzzing by
in the war streets
i found shelter
floating above the battle
no longer wasting my youth
i have only begun
bombs go off all around your world
firecrackers in mine
i have stars on my side
you dont move slow
brace yourself
my eyes will penetrate your business meetings
and my words will slip into your window at night
my smell will dance into your bed
someone will fall short
just wait
just watch
and you'll see my body full with bullets
who is this creature?
the one with bullets under her skin
she is the only one
she survived
did I?

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