Thursday, November 12, 2009


the walls pulse and drip our sweat
this time we've cum to kill the pain
no hope for us...we made sure of that
now there is nothing but this primal urge
i want you to break my wrists
i flood for you
make time stand still
turn around
let me lick that smile off your face
that wicked smile
the one that knew i would crawl back into this bed
to feed you
there is no other guilty pleasure that compares
touch the space between us like glass
break the daylight
hold me hand on the back of my neck
one hand deep inside
feel how much i wanted this
against my will i wanted this
i need to remember the way your voice makes me feel
bad girl
bad man
bad things
wicked wicked wicked
drug of choice
break me of this desire
i crave the heat the liquid heat
the taste of our sex
help me
how can i ever be released from this
a single spark of passion
changing us forever
torturing me
chain me to this bed
i know what waits for us after this fire
do not let this end
you grind your teeth
and i know you want to release
your controling the pace
look at me
drink me
taste me
nothing is more real
then the primal desire that i have for you
abuse it
i dont care anymore
take it
life is not worth living with out this
grab me by my throat and show me
how much you missed it
you need just like me
tell me

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