Friday, November 13, 2009

eyes in my palms

i saw the world today
saturated every if i had been holding my eyes in my palms for years
open my palms and here it was
the world on foot no longer through the windshield
or through the disappointments of others
fresh and virginal
just my own
and it excites me
i have mountains to climb
and the earth to explore
i always knew i was meant for more
however today i didnt look down on the masses
or through the crowds
i looked into there faces
and was amazed by there beauty
the weakness of the average man
to desire and fail and wake up and drink coffee
the man who truly loves his child
i never knew this
the well adjusted
the extremely boring well adjusted souls
gotta love them
i want myself a well adjusted soul
and the workers just dying to touch my ass
or scream about my ass
as i walk to work at 8 am
it makes me giggle as i wink and smile
while picturing how they may meet there death
maybe heart attack
possible car accident
or tragic house fire
its all tragic right?
fuck it
i love it
i love my pain and i love my ass
my looks were no misfortune
i will use the world with these looks and never go hungry
fuck the world with these looks
and the world fucks back
no remorse
no ease of timing
this is life
and aint it grand

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