Sunday, November 15, 2009

wide awake

it was so much more fun when you were driving me crazy
who's driving you crazy now?
i got my distractions
i got my dancing
but i want mess with a savage creature
i know you can feel it too
this fire burns right down your street
and wouldnt be easier to just avoid it
so i do
cant remember your face
you've become a shadow hovering over my back
when i sleep on my stomach
i started to resent my on flesh
for weakness that led me down this road
to weak to hold up to the challenge
i killed us on the first evening
didnt take you serious
well i never knew you'd make such a mark
now im wide awake
replay and rewind the reasons i told you to go away
i had my reasons
and you must agree
i notice more and more the men at my doorstep
and the men in reach, in the waiting
all the men dying to tell me that i cant have them
when i know damn well i have them already
just like i had you once
but now its gone
i guess it doesnt matter anymore
maybe i'll come by one day
maybe we can stay wide awake
just looking at each other
day dreaming of the world where we might work
what might have become of us
if you were younger and untouched
if i was just a bit more something
can't be what you want
you dont know what that is
just me
how wonderful that is
and when i have it i know its real
i embrace truth
you spit
how weird and lovely
i restrain my actions
you dissolve them
wide and awake

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