Wednesday, November 18, 2009

shit...this is shit

funny how..the truth comes out
who we need to loves us..and when
the approval of strangers and the love of a father
what you believe and what you feel
all smoke and mirrors
this life never runs out of lessons for us
the darkness and the light
wonders of human nature
the cruel realities
when i stop to think about what might be real and how i should act...i realize im one small shred away from ripping my clothes off and jumping deep of the edge of the well mannered life...peeling back the skin and ripping away the patterns mapped out in my manicured brain
then i tatter on .. set my alarm
begin the next day
taking my small victories
obeying traffic and my well mannered life
and i know i want to rebel
want to spit in the face of normal
kick this well mannered life in the crotch
i want to do the things in the front of my mind..
sleep in
sneak out
tell you the things that make me sound weak
embarrass myself
play with fire
passion i miss you
where are you?
someone excite me
im so bored
falling asleep in several shades of beige
i need those razor blade desires
this still life was never for me
still i live it
only trying to please myself
just like everyone else in this well mannered life
how was i so blind?
out of the system
so small
living life on a wire
that was the time of my life
in the wind
so vulnerable

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