Friday, November 27, 2009

cruel world

people actually envy the pain i feel now
they would die to feel the anguish i feel now
to feel anything would be better then there mundane life
and i see the mundane
its nearing my corner
i have changed my surroundings
yet not made a change
used you as a distraction
made you my villain
the cross i might bare
and push the punishment on you
but you did not accept
you had you own cross to bare
your own games to play
and your own baggage to unload
every red flag was lit
and every warning sounded
you hate me
and i return the favor
but why do i want to say kind words to you
why do i wish well of you
because even in sleep you would not accept my touch
not except my love
no kiss goodnight
you are a bad man
and anyone else that says different is fooled by you
you are not looking for your equal
just someone to pacify your ego
you laugh a little too hard
to prove you are not alone
you boost your self worth
so that no one sees the lonely man
these women are trophies and clay in your hand
you do not make them
you manipulate them...but for how long
when the dust settles
and the cycle comes to an end
you are laying alone
with no real mate
no real partner
fuck the legacy
you'll be dead when that happens
love is all there is
yes your pain was real
but you let the pain sculpt you very being
when the one next to you could have taken the pain away
now how horrible would that be
to sacrifice art for love
pain for love
legacy for love
you might be right
because sometimes i feel that the pain you left me is greater then any pleasure you may have given me..greater then us
the pain is a reminder of life
however horrible we were
we were not mundane
we are beautiful
cruel nature
to make us allies in bed
yet enemies in the dining room
cruel god

1 comment:

  1. it sounds harsh now...but i mean well

    i wish you well