Monday, November 30, 2009


yes i have a craving
but not what you think
for true human response
real deep connection
i want to feel home in another humans eyes
the person who makes me feel safe even when they are not near
i would like to know he exsists
someone who thrills me and shakes my core
but is gentle and able to understand me
someone who is just as able to laugh and cry with me
fly to beirut or lay on the couch for hours
know my insides truly
and see my beauty
not be afraid to correct me
and also accept my imperfections as i accept his
share his soul with me
expose his heart to me
allow me to hold him
and be his safety
talk about god
about children
about love
and reailty television
where are you?
i need you
my heart begs to be near you every night
i will find you
and i do crave you
i will never stop
until you are back with me
my love

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