Saturday, November 28, 2009

no more words

these eyes of strangers...these men
they see me
they tell me they know i want it
they can feel my sex
my energy
must be strong
but i dont want them
i want the sex
like you want the romance
deep down i want to be tamed
yet no man has been able
the lure is the danger
i use my eyes to tell you
i am no good
but you still want me
like candy
like cigarettes
like every bad thing you have ever wanted
i feel so good
and i am so wrong for you
you think about me at random times in the day
and each time you crave it
maybe less
maybe more
but ill stay with you
my scent will not soon be forgotten
my taste and wild inhibition will jump into your brain when you least expect it
i know how boring it is with the others
there sex cant make you blind
you pile new bodies on yourself like coats to keep warm
but im under the sheets with you
like the first time
like the last time
nothing held back
no shame
the only time you aim to please me
the only time i give full control
you make the girls feel naughty
i bring men to there knees
i make them beg and i tease them
you control and abuse with hopes and fantasy
we are the same
and i am sure you will disagree
the pain we have suffered by the hands of men
the hands of women
we have shifted and turned against them
against us
shielding us from new love
protecting us from our ghosts
making any excuse
the many men i have around is a body count
the many women you have a body count
protection from one true close visitor
we hung ourselves before our time
the first night
we both put an expiration date on each other's head
this would never last
so lets ride this hard until i break
until i leave or you kick me out
it was real
i will reach you
when you look at my picture
when you read this
you know
what im thinking
what i am doing
we are so much better with out speaking

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