Thursday, November 19, 2009

chocolate cake

the devil found his way back to my shoulder today
and i reply "hello, how can i help you sir"
please through my heart to the gravel again
do what you want...he gently whispers into my ear
i shake my head no-no as i walk closer to the flame
i want to burn my soft flesh and writhe again
sweep the hand across my thigh
push down gently for the perfect amount of moments
the formula works
when i reach for it
slips through my fingers like water
cant break the formula
the devil owns the recipe
he holds it close to his chest
and when i stare him directly in the eyes ... he never breaks
keeps on digging his way under my skin
my angel shows up in the knick of time
saves me from myself
reminds me i have a choice
my angel
he's got the face and the body of an angel
my angel
always quick to love me
my angel
wants to see me ... never hurts me
sweeps me off my feet
and i am happy
i dream deep
make sound decisions
wake up delighted
the devil still on my shoulder
his voice sounds distant this time
speak up devil i cant seem to hear you now
i lost interest in your recipe
feels like chocolate cake this morning
and i love it
out of the devils grasp

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