Friday, November 6, 2009


needing under my breast plate between the flesh and cartlidge
there is an endless needing
it needs you to grab me
it needs to recapture
it needs to know the future
and it wants to be wrong
the ball of need that wraps itself into the face of a harmless girl
it is wicked and crafty
it shows no remorse for the awful things it will surely do
because it needs more
collecting pain and tossing aside victims
this needs grins and pats me on the back
kill need kill
take a number
fuck off
you are nothing compared to my need
need to understand
need to fuck
need to consume
need for more
or are you?
the need wants you
the need wants dinner
the need wants answers
the need wants god
are you god?
can you end the need?
there is nothing that will make all my wrongs right
no throwing the need into the sea
my need is endless
endless as the ocean

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