Tuesday, November 17, 2009


she fell asleep, her weakness
did i snore?
does he know im broken yet?
i tried so hard to hide the wrong
the bad, the evil bits that have dug holes in my spine
i cant swallow without this awful loud gulping sound
and it cant be hidden
and i can not lie
the bad got out
the bad burned a whole through my broken passages
seeping through in sound
in vibration
roaring out of me
telling all my secrets
some choose to laugh
some choose to leave
some choose to ignore
but if you only stayed
only once
you might notice
this sleep is loud because i never rest
my sleep is loud
my sleep roars
because people like me never truly rest
the lay still
im resting only when im buried
and i need you to know you will never bury me
you will never put me to rest
these bullets lay deep inside
and i have swallowed them
they idle while i find a place
a place for us to rest

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