Wednesday, November 25, 2009

go further

thank you for leaving
but could you move faster, go further
so far that i can no longer smell your existence
so far that this web can no longer trap me
out of my mind
every false accusation
every fake moment
push it further away
you create ambiance with lies
no true
just because life happened to you it does not give you the right to judge
to make pain
because you have no more room to absorb it
you spew it
preying on loving women
and insecure lovers
they build you up
but i see through that
your metal armor
your lack of compassion
a facade
not to shield the small boy within
but to protect the beast you've become
no longer able to feel a loving act
or have remorse
get the girl to doubt herself
then pounce
and it was good...we both know that
but dont be mistaken
im not your bitch
someone else is doing your laundry
someone else can bake your cakes
i save my sweetness for those who deserve it
you're right i'm a dick
and i was locked and loaded everytime you were near
so go further
get out of my range
cause i will never touch you
not even if you beg me to
sound familiar?
who's the bitch now?
my eyes bright and big
my words are sweet and they get the job done
tell you what your ego needs
to get what i want from you
a few hot sticky moments
and you felt cheap after
what a beautiful brain you have...however your brain cant seem to think past your dick
past your self indulgence
feel love
cause i gave it
until you spit it back up
go further
still further
i dont need your war
your words
your pompous and derogatory demeanor
play god on the east coast
but still go further

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